My American Waistline

Here’s a cartoon from My American Waistline, a series of shorts about our obsession with weight and body image:

Find more cartoons at Smash the Hive.

Skyline Tavern

Here’s a little promotion for Scott Becker’s Skyline Tavern, a non-profit establishment supporting projects in art and ecology:

The Real Thing

An animated look through Nu Shooz’s composer and guitarist John R. Smith’s mind…er… scrapbook, thanks to Singer Valerie Day’s sharp design and photography.

[youtube watch?v=FNyug0w0X8M w=700 h=392]


Cube Variations is an experiment in anticipation and fulfillment featuring my own disembodied head.


Here’s a trailer for my film, Stuff, which includes a number of animated sequences depicting dreams and childhood memories.